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About Inorganic pigments and coloring material
  • Products Introduction

    As a supplementary business of the company, it is dedicated to the proprietary technology of pigments and provides overall solutions for coloring materials. The company maintains a leading position in China's coatings industry, and its products are used in many national key projects.

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  • development path product

    The production of dry wall powder and Hongdan started (1931 ~ 1956); the production era (1956 ~ 1996); the development stage (1990 ~ 2000); the period of globalization (2000 ~ present).

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  • Technical Support Resources

    Provide technical services for the coatings, paints, inks, and leather industries; help customers in the technical consultation of pigment selection and pigment dispersion in the above industries, provide customers with sample formulations and color cards, formulating formulas and color matching services, and mutual discussion of other technical issues .

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  • Honor Innovation

    As a supplier of many large enterprises, Huayi Precision is committed to excellence in every aspect of production and sales, and has inspected and certified production capacity, occupational health and safety, product quality and quality control.

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