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About paints and related materials
  • Products and Supporting Introduction

    As the company's core business segment, we focus on the production, sales and R & D of coatings and related materials. The company maintains a leading position in China's coatings industry, and its products are used in many national key projects. With industrial coatings as the core, the development of coatings specialization, functionalization, and water-based is our direction.

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  • Development and History product

    Glorious history, voyage with Chinese coatings: 1915-1932; Break through the siege and revitalize the national industry of coatings: 1933-1960; Orderly development and improvement of coating product production lines: 1961-1984 Before: 1985-1999; Hua Cai chapter, innovation for the benefit of mankind: 2000-present.

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  • Research and development Resources

    The company adheres to market-oriented, innovation-oriented, follows the core value of "innovation leads the development of the enterprise", and takes the products, application services and proprietary manufacturing technologies that meet market demand as its core competitiveness to improve its brand influence in the professional market. satisfy customer's request.

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  • Qualification and certification Innovation

    As a supplier of many large enterprises, Huayi Precision is committed to excellence in every aspect of production and sales, and has inspected and certified production capacity, occupational health and safety, product quality and quality control.

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